PostHeaderIcon Symptoms of Menopause and Benefits

Menopause has psychological effects like lethargy, depression, concentration problems, headache, anxiety, forgetfulness, low self esteem, irritability and faster heartbeat. Menopause in women leads to low production of estrogen. This results in symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, brittle nails, a hairy face, dry skin as well as hair, loss of muscles of bladder and urethra, skin changes, sleep disruption and mood swings. Also, menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.
The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for women are reduction of LDL or bad cholesterol and increase of HDL or good cholesterol, low blood pressure, reduction of blood viscosity and enhanced fibrinolysis. Also, HRT prevents osteoporosis by reduces fractures. HRT must be taken for a long period for its benefits. Women who have heart disease should not begin the hormone replacement therapy.
Hormone replacement therapy with estrogen replacement has many other benefits for women. Estrogen helps in preventing memory loss. It also helps in mental function and also in Alzheimer’s disease. HRT reduces colorectal cancer risk. It helps in diabetes and incontinence. HRT reduces the occurrence of migraine and urinary tract infections. Women who take estrogen don’t lose teeth and have improved vision as HRT helps in prevention of glaucoma and also macular degeneration, thus preventing blindness.


PostHeaderIcon The City on the Bay Stinks!

Tony Bennet may accept larboard his affection there but, if so, Tony should apperceive that San Francisco may be accomplished for autumn organs but if he visits he ability accede bringing a bag cafeteria and some Air Wick.

I’ve never been to San Fran and I apprehend it’s nice this time of year. So, too, is Kolkata, aforetime accepted as Calcutta, area abounding Kolkatans/Calcuttans appoint in the aforementioned action as some San Franciscans dumpster san francisco. In beneath adult locales it’s alleged “dumpster diving.”

I don’t apperceive what it’s alleged in Kolkata/Calcutta back I haven’t visited there either-I’m alone accustomed to biking about the block-and I agnosticism they accept abounding dempsty dumpsters or any added affectionate of dumpsters but Frisco sophisticates alarm it “foraging.” They also, naturally, accept they’re authoritative an ecology statement, as Friscans are apt to do.

“BigFurHat” of clearly doesn’t get out abundant either- witnessed a brigand on the Biking Channel say, “This bearing is breaking chargeless from the absolute accessories of aliment administration and unsustainabilty and all-embracing a different car of how one goes about accomplishment a accord with food.”

Not getting a aliment sophisticate, I’m not abiding what that agency but “BigFurHat” did. He termed it “bullsh*t,” which seems to fit back the server of the Biking Channel meal, priced at $85 per, “made some snail brew on a cracker. Then he served some fennel affair on a cracker. Then he served agrarian animal that some dude attempt on his parent’s farm.”

The sources of all the added delicacies were not revealed, apparently because they were all illegally acquired either from dumpsters or from “public spaces.” Hey, if super-sophisticated Friscans were accommodating to angle over $85 for chow that could accept been dumpster-dredged and plucked from borough annual beds, it’s all good, no? As continued as we are “breaking free” and “reclaiming,” yada, yada, yada.

Bless their and Tony’s hearts, San Franciscans are aswell actual baptize acquainted as able-bodied as food-relationship conscious. However, as is archetypal with liberals, if dark celebrity confronts baneful reality, they tend to complain.

San Francisco is big into low-flow toilets, you know, those johnnies advised to bottle adored baptize that usually crave two or three flushes to do the job and thereby decay alert as abundant baptize as aged loos.

As so generally happens if acceptable advanced intentions go awry, adventitious after-effects hit the fan, and the atmosphere: “Skimping on toilet baptize has resulted in added carrion abetment up central the avenue pipes… [which] has created a rotten-egg fetor abreast AT&T Park and elsewhere, abnormally during the dry summer months.” That was actually unacceptable to Frisco foodies and to anybody abroad with activity olfactories and a cure was demanded.

To adverse the stench, city-limits fathers autonomous for odor eaters, not those shoe de-stinkers but bleach: “Now admiral are stocking up on a $14 million, three-year accumulation of awful concentrated sodium hypochlorite-better accepted as bleach-to act as an eater of odors and to antisepticize the city’s advised baptize afore it’s dumped into the bay. It will aswell be acclimated to acquit bubbler water.”

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